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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Visiting Roger

On the twenty-sixth 정원 and I started the day with a trip to the laundry mat. Afterwards, we stopped back at mom's to unload the laundry and to brush Dolly. Next, we drove out to Roger's house. This was a bit of an experience for 정원. Roger has all sorts of ducks, geese, and chickens running around his property, as well as a pony.

After some time there, we went up to Roger's parent's house. Unfortunately, the camera lens fogged up inside and all of the pictures turned out blurry. It was pretty late as we drove back to drop off Roger and headed home.

The Big Day

This was 정원's first American style Christmas. Usually in Korea just one or two presents are given. Even then, the presents are usually something needed, and not something wanted. We had a great time opening our gifts with Mom and Kenny. Enough to pretty well drain the battery in the camera.

Later, Mom and I went to my grandmother's house. We didn't spend too much time there and only about half of the family showed up. I spent most of the time there talking to my uncle's new wife about Korea.

Back at home I helped Kenny assemble his present, a portable fireplace/grill. Afterwards we relaxed and enjoyed our time together.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Christmas Eve was an eventful day around the house. We had blueberry pancakes before taking Dolly out for her morning walk. Then, after it warmed up, I took 정원 out to show her how to shoot a BB gun. After she learned how to sight down the barrel we went around back and she tried shooting the .410 shotgun. She hit her target (a board) both times. We went in because it started sprinkling and Kenny's oldest son showed up with his family to open their gifts. We wound down the evening by opening a gift for Christmas Eve, and then went to sleep like excited children.

During all of this we found time to decorate and to hang our stockings, as well as, decorating pine cones with glitter.

The Day Before the Day Before Christmas

Busy, busy around Seoul. On the twenty-third we we had a relaxing day. We woke up to coffeecake. 정원 and I had to go into town to pick up a few things. It took longer than expected and we didn't get back home until sunset.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Around the House

We spent the next day around Mom's house. We started the day off by feeding the goats and walking Dolly before breakfast, our usual morning chores. Then after it warmed up we went to the "shed" on the back of Mom's land to clear off some shelves that she was worried about. The shed is really an old mobile home and most of the pasteboard is rotting from exposure and age. We cleared off the shelves and I went through my old books (mostly stored in an old upright freezer) to find some to bring back. Unfortunately (in a way), we had too many Christmas goodies for me to bring back all of the books I selected. I actually only brought back two of the books.

While we were out there 정원 picked out some old glass and ceramic pieces (one of which gave the Albany Airport security team fits) and I dug up my old cooler full of old photos (circa 1995~2000) for 저원 to look through.

The weather was so nice we spent most of the day in sweatshirts. While we were outside Mom was inside working on pies. She baked two coconut pies and two pecan pies. Is it any wonder that I gained two kilos while at home?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shopping in Albany

On day 3 I took 정원 into town for some shopping. On the way there I stopped at a field and asked a farmer if I could get some cotton for my wife, and in normal Georgian style he said, "Sure, grab all ya want!" I took a twig from a plant and then went on into Albany. We took a detour through Doublegate and Darton College to show 정원 the other side of Albany and where I started my college life.

Next we went to the mall. The pet store, Pets N Pals, in the mall sells goats. I love Georgia. We shopped at a few stores and finished up our shopping with a supper from Cracker Barrel.

Unfortunately, Mom stayed home warm and cozy while we were out. She really hates shopping so it was understandable. Once we got home we had relaxed a while before bed.

We were still jet lagged, and for the second night in a row, we woke up at 4am. This time we didn't really fight it and spent a couple of hours wrapping presents.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Full Day

We woke up early Sunday morning to dump cake. Mom doesn't like to make dump cake because it isn't very pretty. However, how can a cake with cherries and pineapple be resisted? I showed Jungwon around Mom's property then we took a trip out to Kitty's Flea Market. Afterwards we grabbed a quick meal at Taco Bell, then we went on to Winn Dixie. Back at home I let 정원 try sugar cane, and then we fed Jimmy and Rosie that evening.